Romanian Ostomy Association was founded in 1996 at the initiative of 26 founding members and it has approximately 800 members now. They are especially ostomates, living in south-easthern part of Romania, residing in the capital's area. The Executive Board of R.O.A. consists of 5 persons and the president has always been an ostomate.

The Romanian insurance system is based on the national insurance company state owned - which is funded by mandatory taxes to national insurance system. The private insurance companies still play a marginal role in our health care system.
Ostomy appliances are free of charge within a limited sum: around 60 euro monthly for ileostomates and 70 for urostomates. An ostomate needs a renewed prescription from a doctor every three months that has to be registred in National Health Insurance House.

Mission statement:

The Romanian Ostomy Association set objectives to increase the level and quality of:
pre- and post- surgery stoma care
a more faster psychological and social rehabilitation of ostomates.


  • to increase the quality of ostomates' life,
  • to implement the Charter of Ostomy Rights also in Romania and to make pressure in order to be respected,
  • to stimulate and support developing in stoma care,
  • to involve authorities and ostomy suppliers,
  • to support ostomates and their families, to monitor and promote their interests at goverment institutions.

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