Association “ILCO” Serbia

The Serbian Ostomy Association.

The Serbian Ostomy Association was founded in 2002 in Belgrade and has approximately 1330 members (2011). Our members are mainly concentrated in the capital area but there is also a subsidiaries all over the country. Association “ILCO” Serbia is governed by a president and board of three members each elected for a period of four years.

ILCO Serbia is a member of European Ostomy Association, World Ostomy Organization, Serbian Society For Fight Against Cancer, ECPC, ESGO and often goes to their meetings.

In Serbia all supplies ostomates need are reimburse by the Fund of Health Insurance. Thanks to the activities of our Association, from March 1st, 2011 we get the appliances for three months. 30 pieces of SUBSTRATAS (ileostomy, colostomy and urostomy) BAGS (ileostomy, colostomy) 180 pieces, urostomy 90 pieces. We are entitled to 4 creams for skin care per year, 2 pastes to fill bumps and one elastic belt with a perforation for a stoma.

Mission statement
The Serbian Ostomy Association set objectives to promote a physical, mental and social condition, favorable as possible of people with a stoma or pouch and people who have had a stoma.
Re-socialization of the patients and integration into normal living conditions after surgery.

  • Support its members and their interests.

  • We are trying to facilitate recovery of the patients with the awakened sense of belonging

  • Good cooperation with the pharmaceutical companies,  Republic Ministry of Health and Fund for Health Insurance.

  • Provide information on living with a stoma or pouch and concerning relevant developments in that area.

  • Our Association is very active and its president Snezana is among 10 members of the Council of representatives of patient groups, so she has opportunity to take part in making legislation regarding improvement of the quality of the patient’s life.

  • Actively participate in decision – making during the changes of the legislative acts.