Message from the Treasurer



Bills for the annual dues of 2014 were sent out at the
end of January to all organizations.

Please pay the annual dues as soon as possible.




Jon Thorkelsson, treasurer
                                                                                                                                                              Midvangur 121,
         220 Hafnarfjordur,





To:   All Member Associations
European Ostomy Association.

RE:  Number of EOA Members                                                                                                                 February, 2013.

Dear friends.

Ever since the Executive Committee of EOA was elected in Lviv in May 2011 one of it´s main concerns has been the finances of our organization. There is no great danger in our financial situation at the time being but this must all the same be treated with great care. And the stronger EOA gets, the easier it will be for the organization to help safeguard the rights of ostomates all over our territory and perhaps also to initiate more work for the benefit of our local organizations and their members. We must also always look to the future when handling the finances of EOA.

It´s been quite awhile since the EOA-EC did an enquiry about the membership of the national associations.

People ask sometimes how many members are there in the EOA, there are 40 associations, at the moment of writing this epistle, but we don’t know how many members are in every national association.

We, the EOA EC, need this information for an argument to use by for instance, advocacy to subsidy providers, EU Parliament and the companies, which produces the appliances for ostomates.

As treasurer, I am busy to keep our membership records up-to-date. Therefore it is important that all national associations provide me with their correct membership.

The first thing that we need to do is to show how large our numbers are and how many patients we represent. As a first step in that aspect we would like all member associations to send to us the number of their members and also if possible how many ostomates they assume to be in their country. By member, we mean how many persons there are in each national organization as a whole. If the organization is based on many chapters who each have their member list we need you to add up all the member lists and send us that number. The more we are, the stronger we should be.

These numbers will only be used for the purpose mentioned above. They will, for the time being, not be used to increase or decrease the annual dues of EOA.
That discussion awaits us in Krakow in May 2014.

We place our trust in your cooperation and we ask you to provide us as soon as possible with the requested information.

You can send your data to:

Thank you in advance.
Jón Thorkelsson, treasurer of EOA .