The 40th Anniversary of ILCO Österreich in Vienna


The 40th Anniversary of ILCO Österreich in Vienna

At least 150 ostomates, some of them with the husband or the wife or with a son or a daughter, wanted to rally round their Association for its 40th Anniversary. And that was already an expression of affection for the Association which did not make them to feel alone and that gave them the confidence to be supported when they need and also the possibility to know other ostomates and other friends. But, really, let’s not forget, behind any organization, especially behind the voluntary associations, there are always people and their thank was directed to all the persons who leaded ILCO Österreich during its 40 years of life: now, they are Susanne Deimel and Margit Kirnbauer (respectively president and secretary of ILCO Österreich) above all, but also the other helping persons like Gerda Karner (president of the Vienna’s club) and all the others that I do not know.

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Romanian Communiqué



I am very glad to announce that the 2013 year was a good year for the young ostomates from Romania and from other European countries as well. We initiated and implemented here two European projects for young people with IBD (Inflamatory Bowel Diseases) and ostomates.

24th June – 1st July: “Developing Our Lifelong Learning Skills”/ Calarasi

1st – 10th October: “Non-Formal Medieval Festival” / Sighisoara

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ASTOM Moscow celebrated its 20th anniversary

Ostomy Patients’ Association ASTOM celebrated its 20th anniversary

On the 19th of April Ostomy Patients’ association ASTOM celebrated its 20th anniversary in the unique historical place of the 2nd world war and cold war times located in the very heart of Moscow Bunker-42.

You can see a video report of the event at

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