President Message

Dear friends,

Now it is about a month since we departed in Copenhagen after a short but very fruitful conference. We had quite a few interesting lectures, we had talks and a few laughs. When we can laugh together we know that we are among friends. I thank all those that came to Copenhagen and to those that weren’t able to come I can only say that I hope to see them on our next conference in Italy.

We also had elections and a change in leadership. Two from the former EC, Ria Smeijers and Anne Demick, stepped aside and let others take the rein. I have worked with them in the EOA-EC for the last six years and it has been a very delightful time to learn from them and try and gather a little bit of their knowledge of the ostomy world. Both have said that I can contact them any time I need advice or guidance and at the moment I feel that those occasions will be many.

But on the behalf of EOA I thank them both with all my heart for their tireless work throughout the years. The former webmaster, Kes Klare, most certainly gets the same thanks. He has been a dedicated and hard worker in those years as well.

The new EOA-EC has been gathering its strengths for the past month or so and much pressure has been on our new webmaster. She has done a great job in transferring e-mails and website to new environment and putting more material on the website day by day. If you feel that anything is missing or is at fault please notify us.

There are now already quite a few pictures from Copenhagen on display and hopefully there will be more soon. Also the new EC is introduced on the webpage and I know that we will be a good team.

There has also been contact from new organizations requesting membership so I think that I can safely say that our numbers will continue to grow and hopefully we will have more influence on our lives and circumstances in the future.

But winter is coming. We feel that very well here in Iceland and most likely in many other places throughout Europe and Africa. Winter was once the time when we took a look with pride on the stocks that we had gathered during the summer and fall to help us survive winter. We of EOA can be proud, we have done a lot of work to make our organization bigger and stronger and will continue to do so tirelessly with the help and support of our member organizations.

Best wishes from a chilly Iceland,
Jon Thorkelsson.