Ostomy is not the end of the world, Tereza Nagyová

Actually, I don‘t even know why we fear ostomy so much. Yeah, from esthetical point of view it’s not the most wanted accessory. Sure, switching your anus to your belly and defecating into a bag is bizarre. Mainly, when that topic is the last thing you want to discuss with a friend or a colleague. We all like to talk about food and cooking, never about its’ last stop…

However, patient’s point of view should be different, because he needs it! Well, psychological load during illness is enormous and fear controls the soul. Living with an ostomy is still a taboo in my country, public is not fully accustomed to it. Unfortunately doctors often don’t help the situation either. I have been delaying ostomy surgery for two years. I had the feeling it would be the last stop before death. Something like postponing the unavoidable. They told me, that when the situation will be unbearable they’ll operate and then we’ll see what happens next …

And I finally see. I see that ostomy saved my life. That I don’t suffer as I used to. I can travel peacefully without knowing the exact location of the nearest toilette. When I look all around my life, there is no activity that I had to give up because of the surgery. I have never been good at sports and hiking on Mount Everest only on TV, thank you.

The life cycle, of course, changes with the arrival of your new friend ostomy. Every day you are treating something that I think should only be treated by trained personnel. Stitches, bleeding, possible inflammation, obstruction, stenosis, prolapse … Yes, life is more demanding. When the illness affected us, would not it be better to learn and become the trained person? At least you have a great opportunity to learn what you missed in biology classes 😊

Complications come and go. The main thing is that we are alive. In my case ostomy saved my life and made it possible for me to live my happiest days ever.

Have a lovely summer,