Resting is not slacking, Tereza Nagyová

Life is like a never-ending roller coaster ride. Slow ascent, moments of calm, then headlong down, careful turn, and slowly up. The phases alternate like on a treadmill. Trying to keep in the same speed level of life is impossible. Out of nowhere comes information and we are forced to react immediately.

And there’s tons to solve – family, work, friends, travel, hobbies, internet, culture… There’s always something going on. But the body is not perpetuum mobile, it is not built for a constant full throttle ride. It needs rest. Love. A moment of peace, relaxation, energy refueling. But in the modern world, to rest is almost a crime. If we are not talking about holidays at the sea, which is so damn short!

Everyone has a different constitution, so some like to rest actively, somebody needs a sleep in the shade of trees on a meadow. It doesn’t matter how we rest. It is extremely important to enjoy resting at regular intervals, so that the body has time to regenerate. Otherwise, once riding on a full throttle for a while, comes a discomfort, we’re tired, something starts to hurt. And vois la comes illness. Warning signal that there is something wrong with the body.

Nothing happens by chance. If your body sends you signals, try to find out what it’s trying to say to you. If you disregard warning signals repeatedly, it might happen that the body shuts down and does not come back. Just like I collapsed 3,5 years ago. The way back is a challenging and long ride without a guaranteed result of success.

So today I want to call a strike. Relax. Don’t try to save the world. Save yourself first. Take a break, your body will love you for it.

Take care,