Why illness, when we can change, Tereza Nagyová

Times are changing. The society is slowly finding out, that relying on miraculous pills, treatments, surgeries in many cases is not sufficient. That the stressful trend in today’s lifestyle helps to trigger health issues, and further enhances them, is a known fact. Occasional salads, gym visit, summer holidays, maybe a massage… that’s just not enough. We have to work on it. All day, every day.

It is very pleasant to see an increasing trend of prioritizing prevention instead of only disease solutions. Therefore, resolving the cause and not only the result of the illness. Because exactly at this point the whole saga with our health begins. I personally have no other choice. I was invalidity forced to understand the severity of the situation and take full responsibility for my health and happiness. Daily work on what I eat, how I feel, if I am mentally calm, if I do enough for myself, if I rest enough. So that I feel good every day and can concentrate on building my future. At the same time enjoying the present, feeling no pain or sadness.

When I started working in self-development I felt like a farmer standing in front of an unplowed field, whose only helper is a tired donkey, aka my head. The goal felt unreachable. During time I started to feel physical benefits and actually started to enjoy the journey. Today I can say that I feel positive influence in all parts of my life, my body feels great. I just have to accept that work will end only when I leave this world.

On the other hand, I don’t envy the people who are starting from scratch. It’s hard work. But believe me, it really pays off. Keep on going and you’ll feel million dollars. Good luck!