I have an ostomy, I Stink #FakeNews, Tereza Nagyová

We don’t talk about feces. Officially, everyone smells like lilies, or doesn’t do it at all. But everyone stinks, logically does an ostomate. The ostomy did not change anything. Just what was hidden and solved in pants, suddenly shows on belly surface.

I had a terrible concern myself as to how I would handle the sack. If I would have to be at home forever bound to bed, spontaneously defecate and wait for a miracle. What if I stink, everyone will know it about me, nobody will want me, and I’ll be disgusting.

The myth about bad smells flows through rows of healthy as well as sick people. Only after the surgery you realize there is nothing to be afraid of. Today’s modern appliances, if they are suitably chosen and do not have a defect of the filter, hold all smells without a problem inside the bag. So, it only reaches the light of God when emptied on the toilette, and there it’s allowed. If you happen to have a spontaneous odor problem, contact your ostomy nurse who will recommend a different aid. Everything can be solved.

Do not worry, my dears, life goes on even with a stoma. My fellow Czech citizens are not ashamed of stinking of sweat as a wild beast in the middle of a full tram, why should we be ashamed for our handicap?

With Love, Tereza

Picture: pixabay.com