Go for sports!, Tereza Nagyová

Are you lazy? I’m awfully lazy! Fortunately, I have a dog that is guaranteed to kick me out of bed every day. Sometimes it is a pain to walk 3 times a day. But I never regret my decision. If I didn’t have him, I would for sure become a part of the bed while suffering my worst days. It is terribly easy to stop with any activity when you are not well. At first, it is really impossible, later one gets lazy. I was also scared in the beginning to travel anywhere by myself. What if I suddenly get to the bottom of my energy level and I get stuck in the middle of nowhere, without a car or a toilette?

I realized my real physical strength only when I left for a spa treatment, weight 41 kgs. I brought my dog with me, a great reason to stroll the woods. And so, I went. Actually, I ran. Into the woods, into silence and tranquility, away from nutritional advisers, other patients, the smell of the kitchen. I needed to clean my head, so I went and went and went. About 3 km down the road my feet stopped working, my weary fatigue fell, I was in the middle of a dense forest. I found a comfortable stump, drank some water, a bite of cookie, and took a deep breath. I wanted to cry with despair.

I was 29 years old, I suffered from malnutrition and pain, instead of working, I became an invalid, and I still didn’t know if I was going to win the fight or die. I have been dominated by pity and fear. My dog Deel suddenly jumped on me and licked my face, he never lets me mourn for a long time. I realized I had to fight, even if I don’t win. I must give it another chance. I got up, and at a slow pace walked towards home. And you know what? I even made it in time for dinner 😊 Every day I stretched my walks a bit, according to my strength. Finally, we managed 12 km walk through beautiful Svatošské Rocks area. It was for me like I vanquished Mount Everest!

Illness can paralyze us sometimes. But it shouldn’t stop us. It is necessary to go forward in life, not to stand in one place and wait for miraculous healing. Our body needs plenty of care, love, good food and movement. Find an activity that amuses you and makes your body feel good. Exercise and deepen your skills. Your body will repay you a hundred times. And in the moments of illness, the acquired forces will hold you.

That’s my experience and recommendation 😊

Take care