A Proper Ostomy Nurse, Tereza Nagyová

I was sitting at a Nordic meeting of Ostomy Association (NOA) in Finland and was listing to a lecture of local ostomy nurse. She explained how she helped prevent an irritation around the ostomy for her new patient. She just called and asked how he was doing. After a while he confessed that the surrounding of his ostomy is red, began to bleed, something was wrong. She immediately invited him to her office and chose new aids. Issue got resolved there and then.

In the Czech Republic we do not have enough educated ostomy nurses. I guess ostomy issues are not interesting enough for hospitals, over all we don’t have enough nurses. Most ostomy nurses perform their classical duties, being an ostomy nurse is something extra, often no extra payment. Work is stressful, never ending, frequent overtimes, soon comes burnout. Real interest in the patient gradually fades, consultations are quick, finding a solution in a hurry, prescribe something new and… next patient!

During my career with ostomy no nurse asked me to come over for a checkup, although this should be done at least once a year. It’s up to us. There’s nothing wrong with that in the end of the day. In the state in which our health care system is right now we should not expect the same level of treatment as in the Nordic countries. You need to take care of yourself and not let any complications go so far as the problem gets very tedious and painfully treated. If you are not getting proper care try your luck elsewhere, especially do not let neglected. You have a right for quality care, don’t be shy.