ASPIIR Romania – WOD 2018

First Romanian brochures with ostomates testimonials by ASPIIR – “Life as a Chance” , WOD 2018

Being an ostomate is still a taboo subject for many people in Romania. I even met physicians expressing compassion for such a patient or, worse, suggesting that you should not tell others about this condition. But we have a different perspective on that: an ostomate is a normal person, with a normal life, depending on how he understands to build that.

In order to encourage those who are faced with the decision of surgery, those who have not yet found the power to accept or to accommodate to the new lifestyle as being an ostomate; ASPIIR has published the first brochure in Romania – “Life as a Chance”, including the testimonials of some patients who have undergone surgical interventions with the construction of a stoma or a pouch. The brochure is a psychological, motivating, encouraging material for ostomates  to return to a normal life as quickly as possible, to eliminate the complexis, inhibitions. The stories found in the brochure pages also show that only through communication we can favor a faster integration of people who go through difficult moments and that our example and story can change a life.

Romanian brochures by ASPIIR