Ostomate and a broken wrist

Well my dears, what can I say, it’s not a hit-parade. Especially as I broke my hand before Christmas, the ground was super slippery, but what can be done. I just wanted to get it over with.

I was very fortunate to have broken my left hand as I am right-handed, and thus I was still able to somehow take care of myself. But for all those who live alone, I recommend that you have someone at home with you for the cast period. It just doesn’t work without help. In the beginning the hand really hurts, so cutting out the ostomy appliance was difficult. Or tying a plastic bag around the arm when going to take a shower. The basis is to have enough time for everything to avoid confusion, something going wrong. Preparation is the key. Like going to the toilette, I always had more paper ready if anything went wrong, just in case…

The hardest part for sure is taking a shower and changing the ostomy bag. Before I took the bag off, I made sure several times, that I had all the aids ready for use, open, cut, within my reach. Then whenever there was an unforeseen event, I could immediately and painlessly respond and save the situation. Just have enough stock available, so no need to run anywhere. A broken hand becomes only a supportive hand, it can max hold something. Most of the work you learn to handle with a healthy hand just after couple of days. Everyone will find their own system. But I have one thing I want to share with you. Just after the shower, even before drying with towel, I stuck a gauze square on the ostomy, to prevent an unexpected leakage. If you have a “fast” ostomy, the gauze will work as a stopper for a moment, you can replace it with another one quick and smooth.

A broken hand is a complication like any other. But it’s quite easy to survive the month and move on. At least you don’t need to wash the dishes 😊

I wish you good health in the New Year,

Ostomate and a broken wrist