Why does everyone want to amputate my anus? Tereza Nagyová

My last visits to my gastroenterologist look like I have everything in the norm, nothing hurts me, I should soon get pregnant and … „Are you considering the amputation of your anus? “ Why the hell should I think about it when I’m not having any issues now?

Every year I go for a review and cleaning, sometimes something goes out, but nothing essential, it hurts only occasionally and just a bit. So why should I let myself cut open again, if I don’t know how it turns out? The official answer is that the blindly-sewn anus is a threat for lifetime ostomates with Crohn’s disease. There may be some unfortunate processes leading up to cancer. But on the other hand, they may not…

When I was in Copenhagen at the EOA conference 2017, I heard stories and met people, who had an incredibly painful complication just after this “preventive” surgery. No one in advance can fully estimate how the body with tissue loss compares to how the surrounding organs recompose, where adhesions will be created, etc.

So again, why should I want this when I’m doing great now? In my eyes it is still a risk, not a prevention. There’s not much information on anus amputation in the Czech Republic, so am really interested what is your experience?

Your Tereza