ASPIIR meeting with patients and Workshop on stomacare

CRAFT Timișoara,  17th – 18th September 2018

September 2018 has brought us new meetings with patients from Timisoara, western part of Romania, and medical staff as well.

September 17th  – a meeting with patients, invited specialists from Timisoara and even from Bucharest. We talked about: DIET in the chronic digestive diseases with Dr. Mircea Muntean – physician in diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases, physician in internal medicine, Diabetes Clinic, Nutrition and metabolic diseases at the “Pius Brinzeu” Emergency Clinical Hospital, Timisoara ; DERMATOLOGICAL DISEASES – with Dr. Andrada Iftode, dermatologist. We enjoyed the participation of Dr. Narcis Budisanu – PSYCHIATRY and of an expert in STOMATHERAPY at the Surgery Clinic and Liver Transplantation, I.C.Fundeni Bucharest – As. Georgeta Păsărin.

September 18th – Workshop on stomacare in collaboration with the Family Physicians Association from Timis, President Claudia Iftode, and under the coordination of Mrs. Georgeta Păsărin. We aimed to bring to the attention of family doctors from Timisoara some practical notions related to stomacare (stoma surgery, peristomal skin care, stoma devices, prescription for devices, complications that may occur, demonstrations on the dummy). Participants – General Practitioners from Timisoara, surgeons from “Pius Brinzeu” Timisoara Emergency Hospital, patients, gastroenterologists, nurses. Materials distributed during meetings: ECCO – EFCCA Guidelines for Crohn and the CU, Patient Testimonials Brochures for ostomates, printed guidelines for Stomacare elaborated by As. Georgeta Pasarin.

Isabella Grosu -reported,
President ASPIIR Association