The ostomate patient – truth and challenge in the practice of the General Practitioner

Workshop ASPIIR & GastRO Grup SNMF
Family Medicine Conference, 15th edition, Bucharest
“Delicate balance between science, art and communication”
March 30, 2019, Crystal Palace Ballrooms, Bucharest

After surgical intervention ended with a temporary or permanent stoma, in order to put the intestine at rest and allow to the inflammatory activity to get reduce or stop, the ostomates should be supported by the medical staff and nurses, as well as the family to learn to manage the new situation and the new way of life.

Permanent contact with specialized stomacare nurses and / or general practitioners as well as patient groups with the same type of problem is essential to overcome the medical and psychological problems that arise in such surgeries.

Qualified care involves immediate postoperative intervention by the nurse, cared for by the family doctor or home care assistance. The medical team’s effort aims at acquiring the patient’s autonomy and comfort necessary for a normal life.

The workshop by ASPIIR and the Gastro Grup of SNMF on March 30, with the support of the stomtherapeut Georgeta Pasarin, from the Surgery Department of Fundeni Clinical Institute, addressed to family doctors and aimed to achieve the essential aspects of approaching an ostomate by the family doctor and his team in the family medicine cabinet.

ASPIIR has been working through this workshop to raise awareness among family physicians about the problems of the ostomaes, to help them acquire basic notions about the stomacare o and to recognize the suggestive symptoms of some possible complications.

We aimed that, at the end of the workshop, the participants to be able to enumerate and identify at least 3 types of digestive stomas; to be aware of and to recognize possible complications that may occur in the patient’s with ileostomy or colostomy; to be able to recognize different types of stoma appliances and to  respond to at least 3 of the most frequently asked questions of the ostomates.

ASPIIR workshop has been developed in partnership with GastRO Grup in National Society of Genreal Practitioners,  with the support of stomtherapeut Georgeta Pasarin and with the contribution of OrtoProfil Tg. Mures.

Isabella Grosu -president of Romanian ASPIIR Association