Working close with the General Practitioners to improve the knowledge about stoma care

ASPIIR session at the National Conference of National Society of General Practitioners – “Family Physician Day”, 15-18 May 2019, Tg. Mureş.

About 3 years ago, we were addressing to the Romanian National GPs Society for the first time, in an effort to attract and integrate the family doctors in the management of patients with stoma, into multidisciplinary IBD teams in order to reduce the time for diagnosing the IBD or colon cancer in patients, from the moment of presenting the patients at the GP’s office till diagnosing him in a specialized center. We consider that the GP plays an important role after returning the patient to the hospital, as a chronic IBD-treated patient or ostomate.

For these reasons, ASPIIR has been conducting sessions in the past two years, together with GastRO Grup of SNMF, in the national and regional family physician’s congresses, discussing aspects of differential diagnosis of chronic diarrhea , as well as stoma care workshops.

In May, at the Romanian National  GPs Society  Conference in Tg, Mures, we run a session in the agenda of the even, including::

  • Particularities in addressing the patient with diarrhea in the family doctor’s office – Dr. Laura Condur (Constanta)
  • Patient with chronic diarrhea from the perspective of the gastroenterologist – Conf. Dr. Alina Boeriu (Tg.Mures)
  •  Chronic diarrhea from the perspective of the patient with IBD- Mihaela Mihalache, student and patient with stoma, Medicine University, ASPIIR member,
  • GP and quality of life of IBD patient – Isabella Grosu, ASPIIR president,
  • Screening of Digestive Neoplasms: Recommendations and Limits in Current Practice – Dr. Razvan Miftode (Iasi)

The messages of the two ASPIIR speakers aimed to raise awareness among the family doctors about the needs of ostomates.

ASPIIR participation at the Conference has been supported by Ortoprofil Tg.Mures.

Isabella Grosu 

Romanian ASPIIR