Zambia Ostomy Success Stories

Faith Mulundu aged 30. She has had colostomy for 18 years. Despite living in the capital city she has not been able to access colostomy bags. This has made her use bags that meant for packaging and putting  cello tape to hold the plastic.

Mr. Don Chimbinde from Mongu Western Province Zambia a town 597 KM from the capital city a person battling cancer and has been living with colostomy for over a year. Not having colostomy bags he made his own from small pieces of clothes and small plastics. In the picture below Kelesia Lungu from Stomarecare organisation shows him on how a colostomy bag looks like and on how to use the accessories. He came for Chemo at the countries Cancer Disease Hospital.

Mwiya Mabona a 65-year-old lady from Mongu  in Western Province Zambia a town located  597 KM from the capital  a Cancer patient has never used a colostomy bag in her life. The stomacare team  found her using a plastic wrapped around her waist. In the picture Mrs. Chandalala a volunteer for Stomacare Support Zambia who is also a colostomy patient shows her and her care giver how to put on a colostomy bag.

Mr. Jonathan Bulawo 31 receiving his supplies below had Chemo a few days earlier at the Hospital.

Mr.  Mashi Kay 62 years old below  travelled more than 400 km from Namwala a small town in the Southern part of Zambia, just to come and collect colostomy bags. Benjamin pose for a photo with Mr Kay

Donating Ileostomy supplies to Loveness Milingo a 58-year-old woman below at the Largest Teaching Hospital in Lusaka who didn’t have supplies since surgery. Stomacare received a call to attend to her needs at night. Despite the time of the call we made sure the supplies were delivered that night since did not have anything products to use. In the picture Benjamin teaches the care giver and hospital stuff instructions on how to use the bags and supplies.

Alister Sinyangwe travelled all the way from Namwala a small town in the southern part of the country to the Cancer Disease Hospital where she is a patient to receive her colostomy supplies. Since this type of colostomy supplies to her Kelesia from Stomacare org (in the photo) trains her , the Nurse and her care giver on how to use the bags and the supplies.

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