Are we ready for change? Tereza Nagyová

I see a lot of interesting and talented people around me who have a real potential to do or change something. And now I don’t mean just career potential. Rather, people with a great potential to accomplish something. Personally, I am very motivated by the stories of my handicapped colleagues who are not stopped even by the insidious illness and they go on and create.

I dare say that they create even better because of the hardships they had to go through. They got to the nitty-gritty and no longer have any inhibitions to express themselves openly. Because what else do they have when the world is often unfair?

Compared to the world of “healthy” people, we have certain advantage. Still, I am absolutely sure that even though we continue to create, despite fate, we have some restrictions somewhere in the back. Locked door which we threw away the key of at the time of getting to know the diagnosis. It can be a deep dive on vacation, a doctorate at Harvard, or a childhood dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Or a businesswoman. Something that with a chronic diagnosis, a degree of disability, a ZTP (person with heavy disability) card, and a parking card with a wheelchair, quite lacks a real basis to dare. Or?

And so I ask – Isn’t it time to try to push the limits of my brain and do something I haven’t dreamed of yet, but what have I been dreaming of all my life? I still believe that restrictions exist only in our heads. Even if you can’t physically reach the top of the mountain, there is always someone to bring you there.

Let us dream and make our dreams come true.

Your Tereza

Are you ready for change?