President Message

Dear friends.

Finally preparations for the conference in Garda are almost over.  We have had some last minute problems but they have been dealt with and are over.  The registration forms for the conference and for the hotel will be sent to you shortly and are also available at the EOA website. I know that I speak for both the EOA EC and FAIS when I say that we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

But before coming to Garda there are a few things we would like you to consider:

1.    Projects of EOA members

Has your organisation done any specific projects since we last met in Copenhagen in October 2017?  We would very much like to hear about projects for the ostomates in your country. Also if you have been involved in twinning projects or if you have done projects in cooperation with your neighbour countries.  If you have something interesting to tell us please be prepared to make a short presentation.

2.    EOA Conference 2023

After the conference is before the following conference!  So it is neccessary to start thinking about an EOA conference which should take place in 2023.  To be able to do so we need a hosting organisation. If you want to take on this enjoyable and challenging task please send in your application shortly before the conference in Garda. The Guideline for EOA Conference is available on our website.

3.    World Ostomy Day 2021

At last there is a reminder from our webmaster.  She has made a special page for World Ostomy Day (WOD) information on the EOA website.  This is thought to be a collection of information on WOD in the past and present times and also to advertize future celebrations.  It is also useful to remember that WOD is celebrated every third year and the next one is in October 2021.  We had a few inquiries in September last year asking about WOD celebrations in 2019, often from organizations that are not members of EOA but wanted to do something to remind their society about ostomy and ostomates.  If you have any information that you think should be on this special page please send it to our webmaster.  

Best wishes from Iceland, see you in Garda!
Jon Thorkelsson.