Fulfilling work, Tereza Nagyová

Last time I wrote about the importance of putting your feet up and taking a break. I wondered what was another crucial thing for me on my way to health and happiness. And I immediately recognized a job there. Because either we want or not we spend so much time in it!

I think, having a job I enjoy is the goal of all of us, but not everyone is lucky. I myself spent 6 years working for a corporation that was self-destructive. Of course, I learned a lot of things there, but the rest was a lot worse than what I got. I remember myself, desperate and sick, reading articles like living a happy life, having a job that I enjoy… and… I hated it. I didn’t see the way out. I had no money, and the idea of ​​uncertainty made me panic. I was afraid of the unknown. I wondered if I could handle it. What if a scenario A, B, C, D….happens. And that’s why I always found a reason not to change anything and stay warm in a place that was gradually killing me. And then came the collapse. The collapse that I am so grateful for. A stop sign that made me make 180 degrees change and start doing what I really enjoy and that fulfills me. There was no other way.

I know the beginnings are hard. Sometimes too much. The unknown, uncertainty, fear. Over and over again. I know it very well. Not knowing how it ends. If I succeed or be a fool. If it’s not better to go to the next company, to drop ideals, to put it off quickly and go home quietly.

There are always plenty of reasons to give up. The main thing is not to give up. Listen to the voice of the heart and stand your ground firmly. The rest will happen automatically.

Because you are worth it 🙂

Your Tereza