I am disabled, nobody will hire me #FakeNews, Tereza Nagyová

I remember how happy I was for a say-so on the third degree of disability and for a nice pension. I was afraid the state would not help me and as a cripple I would have to move back to my mother‘s. Phew! It turned out well and I got some money. Unfortunately, not enough to live in Prague. My ability to work is reduced by 70%. How do I solve it now?

Adjusting work to physical possibilities and aligning it correctly with legislation can sometimes be a challenge. Suitable part-time jobs are rare. I went on the path of self-employment, I started a business on several branches and hurray, now I just have to find the job J Fortunately, thanks to the connections I started to move slowly, I did a few projects, got recommendations, met new people. Slowly but surely, my own brand idea was born. But not everyone wants to start their own business. No problem. You start your free trade on anything that interests you in the list and you can start offering your services. I focus on the work of an administrative nature which I can simply do from bed when I am not well. Go for cooking, knitting, translating, accounting, just whatever you enjoy. But you know that you will be able to adapt your work to your physical capabilities. A great job alternative is a sheltered job. Organisations will receive government grants so they are not much financially burdened and can give you more space. At the beginning of the year I was helped by Revenium z.s. where I can concentrate on the development of my projects thanks to their support. Finding a suitable job for a disabled person is not easy. But for those who seek and are determined there will always be a way to find.

All you have to do is to hold on and go straight for your goal.

I keep my fingers crossed for you!

Your Tereza