President Message

The start of the – hopefully – end of COVID19

Dear friends.

It has been far more pleasureable to think about writing this message than the last one from March this year.  Now that most countries are longing for the end of this epidemic that has more or less paralyzed our societies we need to take a deep breath and analyze the situation that we are in.  We have all lost a few months of invaluable work and connections with our members have been somewhat strange.  The computer and web have been growing in this context for the past years but suddenly they take over almost completely.  No meetings and no close personal conversations have been possible in the past months.  Hopefully all of us have been able to rise up to those challenges and provide service and consultations as close to requirements as possible. 

I almost dare not to mention the worst thing this epidemic has brought on us, the untimely death of close friends, coworkers and relatives.  I myself and the rest of the EC sincerely hope that nothing like that has happened to none of you.  If it has happened, we are very sorry for your loss.

I have no doubt that all of us will try our hardest to bring our organizations to normal work as soon as possible and I have noticed that some have already started.  Thank you for that.

But one last thing; it would be very interesting if you all could send us a short report on how you have tackled the last months, how you have changed your work methods and if the epidemic has put a strain on your life of late.

Best wishes from Iceland,
Jon Thorkelsson.