Finilco – Means used for copying with the COVID-19 crisis

Finnilcos actions and work methods in the middle of corona – crisis:

  • We closed down all face to face activities and meetings in local chapters and nationally (immidiately in March)
  • The courses and training for stoma accomodation were cancelled and transformed to later (Some know this kind of activity as camps)
  • The formal meetings (for house of delegates?) in Finnilco and local chapters were moved to autumn. (The government did some changes in laws to allow this in all associations)
  • The visits of supportpersons in hospitals and elderly care were forbidden

Some new methods and development:

  • Finnilco arranged a webinar lecture about stoma care
  • Finnilco have had already two distant peersupport meetings in internet (subjects for example food) The third is coming next week. Ther was about ten participants in each session
  • Finnilco magazine was done by telecommuting
  • Distant meetings in Finnilco’s commitees and board
  • Finnilco’s employees in the office has been teleworking from their homes and communicating by Teams-app. Also the networking with cooperation partners has carried out by Teams
  • Finnilco has sent three net/e-mail newsletters/year for members and given lot´s of support for local chapters how to copy with changes in system and so on. Finnilco have had support (for example webinars) from SOSTE (Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health)
  • We all have learned new digital methods of working! And we will for sure continue using them


  • There is a huge concern about the financial issues of social- and health organizations.
  • Also the state economy will be in difficulties, wich influences surely in our organizations economy´