Bosnia and Herzegovina in the time of Covid-19

Dragan Trivun is the founder and president of the association for people with a performed stoma. He also has an ileostomy for 26 years (he was operated in 1994). The ILCO-STOMA RS association is the only association in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The state of emergency due to covid-19 didn’t prevent him from visiting new members. For family members help was necessary because the visit was forbidden from hospital, and they didn’t receive the necessary instructions and recommendations.

Members were communicated by phone and skype, sending pictures of the performed stoma in order to receive the necessary instructions and advice. In the field visits, Dragan shared his experience and recommendations for skin care around the stoma, use of medical aids, nutrition, hygiene. As a sign of gratitude for the given support he got a coffee and homemade Serbian specialty  “gibanica” (layer pastry) and also advice on growing roses using potatoes. He listened to the advice and expects roses already this year. Satisfaction was on both side. Confidence, respect and desire for a soon-to-be meeting are immediately created.