ILCO AUSTRIA – Österreichische ILCO Stoma-Dachverband 2020 – 2021

With the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, work in the self-help groups was abruptly suspended. Communication was increasingly carried out by phone, SMS and other messaging services. Also various webinars were made available. Nevertheless, we managed to keep in touch with all of our regional groups throughout the entire period and to publish our ILCO magazine as usual.

We were also able to use this time as an opportunity to renew our printed materials, such as folders and information brochures. In mid-2021, we could reinstate individual group meetings and participate in events, such as Health Days, all in accordance with the applicable Corona regulations. We hope to meet our colleagues again at the EOA Congress 2022 in Italy.

Susanne Deimel-Engler, November 2021