President Message

Dear friends.

The conference which we are going to have in Garda has been postponed a few times as you all know. As the EOA nominations officer is on the verge of sending out the necessary information about who are running for a place on the EC it is only appropriate to reveal the new date for the conference. Please be prepared for April 6th – 10th of 2022 and let us hope that we don’t need further delays and that we can meet in Garda in Northern Italy and have a very good and joyful conference. I know that our colleagues in FAIS are very much looking forward to hosting a great meeting of us all.

One thing I would like to mention once again: Please send us reports on your WOD activities with pictures if possible. A few have sent in reports and those are on the EOA website.

All of us in the EC are looking forward to meet as many of you as possible and let us hope that this time we will be able to be in Garda. We sincerely hope that we all will be rid of Covid in the next months and hopefully you are all having a good time preparing for Christmas.

Best wishes from Iceland,
Jon Thorkelsson.