Operation Of The ILCO Slovenia Association

The operation of the ILCO Association of Slovenia is especially important if we want to learn to accept and take into account otherness, to cross borders and obstacles in a different way. Perhaps it will be at first a kind of curiosity that will, through interesting cases other than this, bring us revelation at this time of the coronavirus. We are adopting our guidelines at a time when the Republic of Slovenia is trying to redefine relations in the field of structural reforms (policies in the field of social security, pension system and health care), but the results are not yet clear.

Therefore, it is all the more necessary to define what we will be advocating in the social dialogue on the situation of people with stoma and their families. Today, the association is a modern organization that includes people with colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, congenital and acquired bowel defects, as well as people who get a temporary stoma. At the local level, we have six ILCO societies that are included in the ILCO Association of Slovenia and implement five special social programs: Training for active life and work (this program includes most activities, socializing, sharing experiences, cultural views, lectures, sightseeing , sports and recreation, bathing in Slovenian health resorts and seaside resorts, etc.), Training of volunteers to work with the disabled (the associations are trained volunteers who acquaint people with stoma with our work, various activities and programs and give them a sense of security they can find it right among their peers.), a program for parents and relatives, where we help relatives to more easily accept the differentness of a family member after surgery. life.), programs for maintaining health and other rehabilitation programs (we learn about different nutritional habits and their consequences, as a healthy diet is of great importance in today’s lifestyle. ), Handicraft Workshops (which can involve anyone with a sense of creativity. Such thinking led people with a stoma in deciding to organize various workshops on learning handicrafts, creating consumer products and sharing knowledge.)

The ILCO Association of Slovenia has the status of a national disability organization and the status of representativeness, and operates in the public interest in the Republic of Slovenia and has about eight hundred and fifty members with stoma. The role of a representative disability organization is primarily to represent and represent people with disabilities and their interests in dialogue with national and international bodies, propose in accordance with regulations representatives of people with disabilities in working bodies of state and other bodies dealing with disability issues appoints representatives of persons with disabilities to bodies of similar international organizations and associations and connects and coordinates interests with other organizations of persons with disabilities.

  • Cooperation with the Chamber of Nursing and Midwifery of Slovenia.
  • Cooperation with the section of enterostomal therapists of Slovenia.
  • Cooperation with the section of patronage nurses of Slovenia.
  • We gave a lecture for the E.S.terapijesmo Therapy School with a presentation on the work of the ILCO Association and Societies, their special social programs, stories of people with stoma, their lives ahead, etc.
  • Cooperation with the Society for Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases of Slovenia.
  • Cooperation with the SVIT program, in which we are one of the first ambassadors. This year a presentation of our organization was added to their renewed website and a direct internet links to our websites were also added.
  • At the Oncology Institute, we attended meetings on patient rights and civic initiatives.
  • Regular and extraordinary meetings of the association’s management and preparations for the Board of Directors and other current activities.
  • Lectures for the proper submission of applications to FIHO.
  • Meetings and sessions of the National Council of Disability Organizations of Slovenia.
  • Participation in the ABC health magazine and the ONA magazine with articles presenting the lives of people with stoma, and the ILCO Association of Slovenia with its activities and special programs.
  • Raising awareness of people with stoma and the general public through radio, newspaper and television broadcasts in Slovenia and reporting on the Internet.
  • We are involved in NSIOS and attend meetings, and coordination consultations on the criteria and conditions of use of FIHO funds
  • Lectures on writing written and financial work for FIHO.
  • We attend meetings of the ZZZS (Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia i.e. Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije) commission for medical devices – devices for artificially derived intestines and urostomies.
  • Reception at the President of the Republic of Slovenia on the occasion of the Day of the Disabled.
  • Reception at the presidents, DS consulation.
  • Cooperation and meetings at the Slovenian Sports Association.
  • Preparations for the information activity.
  • Regular assembly of members and administrative bodies of the association.
  • Cooperation with all importers of accessories in Slovenia.
  • ILCO is a member of the IOA (International Ostomy Association) and EOA (European Ostomy Association) and regularly attends all important meetings outside our borders with its own resources.

We are hoping on a good cooperation on a Federal level with all included authorities at the state and local level, representative organizations, importers of orthopedic devices, the medical profession, the Chamber of Nursing and Midwifery of Slovenia, the Ministry, in short, all those who treat a person with stoma. We are aware of the signed convention, which states to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity. People with disabilities are people with long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments, which, in connection with various barriers, can limit them from participating fully and effectively in society, just like others. Therefore, research and development should be carried out or promoted and the availability and use of new technologies, including information and communication technologies, mobility aids, technical aids and assistive technologies suitable for people with disabilities, giving priority to affordable technologies and assessing physical disability. We are aware that the implementation and eligibility of programs need to be checked, supplemented or changed according to the needs of the members who are showing up. At the federal level, we also implement seven special social programs and these are: Prevention and mitigation of social and psychological consequences of disability (In this special social program, which is implemented in Šmarješke Toplice we include graduate psychologists, doctors, enterostomal therapists, in short experts with many years of experience. We have four groups of 20 couples and one group of 25 single people.) Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Preservation of health – spa activity (The Association in Rogaška Slatina has two apartments, which people with a stoma and their partners or immediate family members can use after seven days. A person with a stoma receives seven all-day bathing cards, and a partner or relative three bathing cards. Person with the stoma also receives a rehabilitation program worth 135€. The program benefits over a hundred people with stoma annually with their partners or relatives.) Training of disabled people for self-help and other people working with disabled people The volunteer education program is implemented in the form of basic education The lecturers are doctors of medicine, graduate enterostomal therapists and graduate psychologists.) Programs for disabled children and adolescents (with this program we advise and educate parents and other family members living with children and adolescents with stoma. With the help of expert psychologists, experts with children and therapists, we give advice to help overcome disability.) Sports competitions (ILCO Slovenia organizes to maintain psychophysical ability to walk, swim, inter-society competitions in bowling, air rifle shooting, chess and darts.) Cultural activity (The content of this program is adapted to the wishes of people with stoma so that they can participate at joint meetings with people with a stoma, the Association organizes a special cultural program with performing singers, musicians, reciters, etc., in which people with a stoma can also participate or perform.)

We are convinced that we are working for the good of the people and that it will be better for us to live in a society of friendly, satisfied and interconnected people. We are also careful to take the time to help those in need and look for the good in people, build bridges, look forward to the good… ..! Through appropriate relationships, we have achieved that the people with the stoma we lead are working to the best of their ability toward a common goal. Namely, unlike things that move by force, people are guided by relationships. To anyone who might be asked if relationships between people with a stoma are important to success, anyone would answer that they undoubtedly are. Many people with stoma really believe this and act that way; and some know that claiming something else is unfashionable and bizarre. However, if we look at the real situation in individual work environments, it turns out that under the same oath of good relations as a condition of success, very different practices emerge. In the matter of good relations, we first encounter the problems of leadership. Some swear that creating good relationships between people with a stoma is a way of leadership that establishes the preconditions in which people can successfully perform the set tasks and achieve the goals of the organization. Satisfied people are successful, is their motto. Others think he has to leadership to create successful people who accomplish tasks and achieve goals and thus indirectly strengthen good interpersonal relationships, because, as they say, working and successful people are satisfied and cooperative. Without much risk, we can say that they are both wrong. Both sides of the problem, both good interpersonal relationships and making sure that tasks are carried out and goals are achieved, are tasks of good leadership. In the work environment, it is necessary to take your share of responsibility for relationships. Therefore, if we take our share of responsibility for relationships in the work environment and act proactively in the spirit of spreading understanding, respect, acceptance and respect for diversity and transparent relationships, we will do a lot to indirectly motivate individuals. Goal setting and inclusion is the foundation. Our personal attitude is important for the successful building of relationships from the very beginning. The attitude we have towards the person we want to build a relationship with. It should be born in mind that this requires an open spirit in communication, credibility, honesty, acceptance, reliability, as these are the elements that build trust, on the basis of which a good relationship can be created.

We very much want all those who doubt our work to join us, to help us to be even more successful in our efforts than we have been so far.

President of the ILCO Association of Slovenia
Ivan Mrevlje