Maydad Gissin

From his son Shayn we received the sad message that Maydad Gissin – long-term president of the Ostomy Association in Israel – had passed away in May 2022.

For many years Maydad followed his mission to ease the life of ostomates – in Israel and in other countries. He was convinced of the idea of EOA and IOA: to build up and to be a strong union and a kind of family for ostomates worldwide. Despite his deteriorating health condition he participated in the EOA Congress in Copenhagen 2017. Many EOA members could meet him there, and he obviously was happy and proud to be part of the EOA and of the Congress. He participated actively in the discussions – as he always did. He always said what he had to say, in his special manner and with his typical voice. So we missed him during the EOA conference this year.

He is a loss for the Ostomy Association and for EOA, and we feel sad about his passing away. We express our deepest sympathy to his son Shayn and his family, relatives and friends.