WOA 2022 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of The World Ostomy Award 2022!

The European Ostomy Association (EOA) is delighted to announce the winners of the WORLD OSTOMY AWARD 2022!

The EOA received a vast number of entries from around the globe demonstrating a wide variation of creativity and ambition. The applications revealed strong insights on the magnitude of the problems faced by stoma patients, and a clear compassion for these people and their wellbeing. The unmet need for ostomates around the globe is evident yet complex as the issues faced varies from country to country. It requires strong insights from the local stoma organisations to know exactly what activities will help to secure the rights and access to dignified care. Activities that will echo and encourage sharing and adoption of best practices around the world.

The EOA is grateful for all the hard work put into the applications and will follow the progress of the winning concepts hoping to inspire and motivate us all.


First prize recipients:

  • National Federation of Ostomates of the Philippines

Establishing ostomy support groups focusing on ostomates in far-flung provinces, who have undergone surgery.


Strengthening the ostomy network in Kenya focusing on education for nurses and empowering ostomates thereby improving both their rights and quality of life.

  • Czech ILCO z.s. (shared first prize)

Recognizing the work of ostomy nurses and increase public awareness to avoid ostomates feeling stigmatized and isolated.

  • Polish Ostomy Association POL-ILKO (share first prize)

Raising standards of prevention and treatment, as well as acceptance and understanding of the ostomates situation by means of information and education.

Second prize recipients:

  • Federation of New Zealand Ostomy Association’s Inc

Raising awareness among existing and prospective ostomates to the local society bringing in the geographical and cultural complexities.


Empowering ostomates to defend their right to education and right to work. The initiative also focuses on securing adequate healthcare, treatment, and accessibility to appropriate appliances.

  • Stomacare Support Zambia

Training medical staff to better manage ostomy patients, as well as identifying ostomates and providing them with affordable high-quality care and support.

Third prize recipients:

  • Colombian Ostomy Association

Arranging a conference in conjunction with the Catholic University of Manizales and the Free University of Pereira for stomized people, family members, students and nursing professionals aiming to provide an update on the provisions issued by the Ministry of Health.

  • Association ILCO-STOMA-RS BL Bosnia and Herzegovina

Establishing ostomy support groups and providing information and educating medical staff to better the care for these patients.

NON-MEMBER prize recipient:

  • Colostomy UK

Encouraging organizations to adopt stoma friendly toilet guidelines with appropriate signage and develop a training programme aimed at organizations.

The World Ostomy Award 2022 is a cooperative effort with the European Ostomy Association (EOA) and the global medical device company, Coloplast A/S.

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