The European Ostomy Association (EOA) is a non-profit and a NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) for associations for ostomates all over Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. A total of 46 organizations belong to EOA. EOA is one of three regions organized in The International Ostomy Association (IOA).

The current president of EOA is Jon Thorkelsson from Iceland and the vice president is Maria Hass from Germany. The EOA contact office is situated at Deutsche ILCO in Bonn, Germany

An ostomate has removed parts of her/his digestive system due to severe illness like cancer or inflammatory bowel diseases. Some will have removed the urine bladder mainly because of cancer. The ostomate will have to carry a plastic bag on his/her stomach for stool or urine. Most ostomates will have this situation as long as they lives, but some may get revised surgery giving them internal pouches either for urine or stool. An ostomate will have to change the bag regularly – some even more times a day.

The aims and objectives for EOA are stated in the Constitution – and the goals to be achieved, are stated in the Charter of Ostomates Rights. It is well known that ostomates in many countries within EOA have lots of problems. Some of the problems are related to discrimination, some to the fact that the appliances (the bag they have to carry) are not available in all countries.

One very important goal for EOA is to help organizations all over EOA to have the Charter implemented and accepted by the authorities. Just coming in contact with authorities can be a great problem in many countries. Have EOA backing will often be a great advantage. But as EOA have members in great part of the world – and with a great number of languages, it takes great resourses to back every association in their effort to get authorities to accept the Charter.

On this website you will find short information on the different member associations. All contact information you will find at the Directory where you can find every member associations homepage with information in their own language. That is the reason why this website is only in English.

If you are an ostomate and not member of any of the organization in any country, just go to the directory, choose your own country and find all info about how to be a member. Or you may send an e-mail to the EOA contact office or to the President EOA.