EOA-Executive Committee elected in October 2017

Jon Thorkelsson
Jon Thorkelsson, The President, Iceland
Maria Hass
Maria Hass, The Vice-President, Germany
Marie Steen
Marie Steen, Board Member, 20/40 Focus contact person, Sweden
Isabella Grosu
Isabella Grosu, Board Member, Romania
Henning Granslev
Henning Granslev, Board Member, Denmark

The new EOA EC was elected duing the 15th EOA Congress held in Taastrup near Copenhagen, Denmark on October 7th.

From the left:

Henning Granslev, Denmark

Marie Steen, Sweden, 20/40 Focus contact person

Jon Thorkelsson, Iceland – The President and Treasurer

Maria Hass, The Vice-President, Germany

Isabella Grosu, Romania

EOA-Executive Committee untill October 2017

President Ria Smeijers, The Netherlands
Vice-President Guiseppe de Salvo, Italy
Treasurer Jon Thorkelsson, Iceland







Member, contact person IOA Anne Demick, United Kingdom
Member, contact person 20/40 Focus Marie Steen, Sweden