Actions dans le cadre de la Journée Nationale de la Stomie

1. Visioconférence ‘Osons parler Stomie’ Elle aura lieu lundi 4 mai après midi via la plateforme ZOOM et sera animée par : Dr Laury Beaubrun-Diant, Docteur en Psychologie de la Santé, Chercheur Centre CERPPS Toulouse  Martine Pagès infirmière stomathérapeute CHU Nîmes Chantal Vaurs, Patiente expert, Secrétaire de l’Union et Présidente de l’IAS Nord Dauphiné Myriam Teyssié, Patiente expert, Présidente de l’Union des Stomisés du Grand Sud (modératrice).  

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President Message

EOA Conference 2020 / 2021 in Italy

Dear friends.

Do you remember the title from the president‘s message of January last?  It was:  „Please be there.“  Now it is very clear that we can‘t be in Garda in April as we had planned and prepared.  The virus that has been plaguing the world has made it inevitable to postpone the EOA conference in Garda.   That is a joint decision of the EOA-EC and FAIS.  The vote of members has decided that the EOA conference will take place in April next year. The result was very clear, 19 out of 27 that voted decided on that.

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I am disabled, nobody will hire me #FakeNews, Tereza Nagyová

I remember how happy I was for a say-so on the third degree of disability and for a nice pension. I was afraid the state would not help me and as a cripple I would have to move back to my mother‘s. Phew! It turned out well and I got some money. Unfortunately, not enough to live in Prague. My ability to work is reduced by 70%. How do I solve it now?

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Are we ready for change? Tereza Nagyová

I see a lot of interesting and talented people around me who have a real potential to do or change something. And now I don’t mean just career potential. Rather, people with a great potential to accomplish something. Personally, I am very motivated by the stories of my handicapped colleagues who are not stopped even by the insidious illness and they go on and create.

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President Message

Dear friends.

Finally preparations for the conference in Garda are almost over.  We have had some last minute problems but they have been dealt with and are over.  The registration forms for the conference and for the hotel will be sent to you shortly and are also available at the EOA website. I know that I speak for both the EOA EC and FAIS when I say that we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

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World Ostomy Day

World Ostomy Day is celebrated every 3 years in the beginning of October. The next will be October, 2021.

The idea of the World Ostomy Day was born in 1993 and its father is Professor Dr. Gerhard Englert who at that time was the President of IOA. The purpose of the day was to raise public awareness of the condition and improve the quality of life people with a stoma.

Each WOD has the new motto. Here is the list how it was over years:

YearEnglish MottoGerman Motto
1993 Verfügbarkeit von Stomaartikeln – ein Grundrecht von Stomaträgern. Information über das Leben mit dem Stoma: Hoffnung für Stomaträger
1996Cooperation – Key to Ostomy RehabilitationZusammenarbeit – Schlüssel zur Rehabilitation
1999Together into the next MillenniumZusammen ins nächste Jahrtausend
2002Yes, we can!Zusammenarbeit – gemeinsam sind wir stark!
2006Living life to the fullVoll im Leben stehen
2009Reaching outDas Leben bewusst ergreifen / Eine helfende Hand reichen
2012Let’s be heard!Wir möchten Gehör finden!
2015Many stories, one voiceVielen Schicksalen eine Stimme geben
2018Speaking Out Changes LivesOffenheit verändert Leben
2021Ostomates’ Rights are Human Rights – anytime and anywhere!Die Rechte von Stomaträgern sind Menschenrechte – immer und überall!

Awards for the Czech ILCO

Two awards within two months for the Czech ILCO

Marie Ředinová, who was in October for the fifth time elected head of the Czech ILCO, was awarded the Prize of the Minister of Health for work supporting handicapped people. This prize is being awarded to persons who render considerable and outstanding service to disabled or chronically ill people in the Czech Republic. Ms Marie Ředinová indisputably is such a person. She was decorated on 3 December 2019 in the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle by the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic Mr Adam Vojtěch.

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