President Message

Dear friends.

When we were together in Copenhagen last year there was a lot of discussion about EOA talking with European Union authorities in Brussels and even more large organizations such as the Red Cross and World Health Organization. We in EOA made ourselves visible at an Open Day in the Parliament of EU in Brussels at the beginning of December 2017. Two delegates from EOA were invited to take part in discussions there and they made EOA both seen and heard with a few questions that the EOA-EC together had prepared in advance. So far nothing concrete has come from this effort but we plan to try to do this again. If we go there often enough perhaps we will be heard in the end. If any of our member organizations have the possibility to get invited to this event they should perhaps try for that. The more in numbers we are there, the louder we can be. Continue reading “President Message”

Treasurer Message

Dear friends.

The bills for the annual dues of 2018 have been sent to all member organizations along with a letter explaining the dues. Swift payment would be appreciated. If you find anything to be wrong please don´t hesitate to contact me.

Jon Thorkelsson, president and treasurer.