President Message

Dear friends.

The conference which we are going to have in Garda has been postponed a few times as you all know. As the EOA nominations officer is on the verge of sending out the necessary information about who are running for a place on the EC it is only appropriate to reveal the new date for the conference. Please be prepared for April 6th – 10th of 2022 and let us hope that we don’t need further delays and that we can meet in Garda in Northern Italy and have a very good and joyful conference. I know that our colleagues in FAIS are very much looking forward to hosting a great meeting of us all.

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Living with Ostomy: Personal Stories and Experiences

Although ostomy care has improved significantly in the past decades, some people with ostomy, does still not have access to basic rights, that enable them to live a self-determined and independent life – even in developed countries.

Below patients from around the world share their experiences of being diagnosed and living with ostomy, to ensure the patient voice is heard in efforts to improve ostomy information and care.

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President Message

Hafnarfjordur Iceland, December 20th.2020.

Dear friends.

Do you remember the presidential message from March this year, where we announced that the new date for our EOA Conference would be in April 2021?  It became obvious very soon that this date could not be kept.  So in a new message from June 2020 the EOA-EC  asked EOA members which new time for the conference they would prefer in 2021: spring or autumn. And the majority chose the later possibility: autumn 2021. Following your opinion the EOA-EC and our partner in Italy, FAIS, have chosen a new date, starting in the evening of Wednesday the 27th of October and ending Saturday the 30th 2021.  Hopefully WE WILL ALL BE THERE!

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ASTOM Russia in times of COVID-19

Activities of the National Association of Ostomy Patients of Russia ASTOM during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes. It has forced us all to find new ways of working, interacting and living. But ASTOM has never stopped its activities within the whole period of lock-down as well as in the post-quarantine period.

Covid-19 has set us unprecedented challenges and disrupted a lot of plans. Thankfully none of the board members and activists have contracted this insidious virus.

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Vice-President Message

Maria Hass: I have met Di several times at IOA Congresses, it was always a pleasure to meet her. Also other members of the current EOA EC have met her during congresses. Di was a very kind and polite person but also very clear in what she said. She was so lively and she was deeply interested in the wellbeing of ostomates all over the world.

EOA EC is very sorry about her death and the loss for the ostomates’ community.

Link: Dielwen E. Bracken