Go for sports!, Tereza Nagyová

Are you lazy? I’m awfully lazy! Fortunately, I have a dog that is guaranteed to kick me out of bed every day. Sometimes it is a pain to walk 3 times a day. But I never regret my decision. If I didn’t have him, I would for sure become a part of the bed while suffering my worst days. It is terribly easy to stop with any activity when you are not well. At first, it is really impossible, later one gets lazy. I was also scared in the beginning to travel anywhere by myself. What if I suddenly get to the bottom of my energy level and I get stuck in the middle of nowhere, without a car or a toilette? Continue reading “Go for sports!, Tereza Nagyová”

I have an ostomy, I am no longer beautiful #FakeNews, Tereza Nagyová

I remember watching all different kinds of ostomy bags in proctology ambulance. I could not imagine that such monstrosity should be attached to my stomach. I thought nobody would like me walking naked around the apartment with a poop sack. I secretly cried in the night, hoping my intestine would hang on. Continue reading “I have an ostomy, I am no longer beautiful #FakeNews, Tereza Nagyová”

Why illness, when we can change, Tereza Nagyová

Times are changing. The society is slowly finding out, that relying on miraculous pills, treatments, surgeries in many cases is not sufficient. That the stressful trend in today’s lifestyle helps to trigger health issues, and further enhances them, is a known fact. Occasional salads, gym visit, summer holidays, maybe a massage… that’s just not enough. We have to work on it. All day, every day. Continue reading “Why illness, when we can change, Tereza Nagyová”

Senseless low-residue diet aka hoax about food, Tereza Nagyová

I love to eat. Actually, I like to eat so much I sometimes feel I will explode. Not ideal, I know, but it’s so good! I have a very serious relationship with food ever since I dropped fear and started walking on my 1st birthday trying to catch mom carrying snacks. With this attitude it’s not surprising that dealing with Crohn’s and ostomy did not stop me from eating what I want and when I want. Except in times of bad illness outbreaks. Continue reading “Senseless low-residue diet aka hoax about food, Tereza Nagyová”