Why it is important not to close your eyes from complications, Tereza Nagyová

Photo by Jan Hrdý

Wound healing is a big issue for me. Since my Crohn’s started, I have consistently dealt with abscesses and fistulas. Septic wounds, which quite fundamentally complicate life, hurt a lot and curing them lasts a long time. Last year I solved a complication of 4 months with parastomal abscess that has become a fistula. Continue reading “Why it is important not to close your eyes from complications, Tereza Nagyová”

What I found out at the NOA conference in Finland, Tereza Nagyová

What I found out at the Nordic Ostomy Association conference in Finland

Thanks to starting my project for ostomates I had the honour to accept the invitation of the European Ostomy Association to a meeting of the Nordic countries held in Tampere, Finland. I did not have an intended role at the meeting, and therefore I was very curious what awaits me… Continue reading “What I found out at the NOA conference in Finland, Tereza Nagyová”

A Proper Ostomy Nurse, Tereza Nagyová

I was sitting at a Nordic meeting of Ostomy Association (NOA) in Finland and was listing to a lecture of local ostomy nurse. She explained how she helped prevent an irritation around the ostomy for her new patient. She just called and asked how he was doing. After a while he confessed that the surrounding of his ostomy is red, began to bleed, something was wrong. She immediately invited him to her office and chose new aids. Issue got resolved there and then. Continue reading “A Proper Ostomy Nurse, Tereza Nagyová”

Go for sports!, Tereza Nagyová

Are you lazy? I’m awfully lazy! Fortunately, I have a dog that is guaranteed to kick me out of bed every day. Sometimes it is a pain to walk 3 times a day. But I never regret my decision. If I didn’t have him, I would for sure become a part of the bed while suffering my worst days. It is terribly easy to stop with any activity when you are not well. At first, it is really impossible, later one gets lazy. I was also scared in the beginning to travel anywhere by myself. What if I suddenly get to the bottom of my energy level and I get stuck in the middle of nowhere, without a car or a toilette? Continue reading “Go for sports!, Tereza Nagyová”

I have an ostomy, I am no longer beautiful #FakeNews, Tereza Nagyová

I remember watching all different kinds of ostomy bags in proctology ambulance. I could not imagine that such monstrosity should be attached to my stomach. I thought nobody would like me walking naked around the apartment with a poop sack. I secretly cried in the night, hoping my intestine would hang on. Continue reading “I have an ostomy, I am no longer beautiful #FakeNews, Tereza Nagyová”

Why illness, when we can change, Tereza Nagyová

Times are changing. The society is slowly finding out, that relying on miraculous pills, treatments, surgeries in many cases is not sufficient. That the stressful trend in today’s lifestyle helps to trigger health issues, and further enhances them, is a known fact. Occasional salads, gym visit, summer holidays, maybe a massage… that’s just not enough. We have to work on it. All day, every day. Continue reading “Why illness, when we can change, Tereza Nagyová”