European Ostomy Association

Welcome on the website of the European Ostomy Association!

The European Ostomy Association (EOA) is a non-profit and a NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) for associations for ostomates all over Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. A total of 46 organizations belong to EOA. EOA is one of three regions organized in The International Ostomy Association (IOA).

Life With Stoma – a movie created by the Danish association – COPA


Ostomates without borders – Conference in French

The first conference “Ostomates without borders”, organized by ostomy associations of six French speaking countries in Africa, Canada and Europe, had taken place on the World Ostomy Day 2021. So this is the 2nd edition of this international French-speaking conference. Every ostomate who is interested to participate is welcome.

Maydad Gissin

From his son Shayn we received the sad message that Maydad Gissin – long-term president of the Ostomy Association in Israel – had passed away in May 2022.

Ján Čačko

We have received very sad news about the death of Ján Čačko, the long-time President of the Slovak Ostomy Association SLOVILCO.