WOD 2015

What does World Ostomy Day mean?

In 1993 Professor Dr. Gerhard Englert proposed the idea to organize a so called World Ostomy Day©.

The aim was to draw attention for people with a stoma and pouch, their quality of life, on regional, national and international level. Every three years, in the beginning of October, many associations in the whole world organize activities and meetings.

The next time we’ll celebrate the World Ostomy Day 3 October 2015 and the theme will be: “Many stories, one voice”.

World Ostomy Day 2015©

EOA activities

This WOD logo is available for the exclusive use of all EOA and IOA member associations.

The aim of World Ostomy Day is to improve the rehabilitation of Ostomates worldwide by bringing to the attention of the general community and the global community the needs and aspirations of Ostomates and their families.

Activities to promote awareness may include: educational programs, seminars, support meetings and demonstrations/displays; electronic information networks, newspaper and magazine announcements/advertisements and articles. Publication of informative handout materials and brochures: audio and video announcements and films; personal visits and lobbying activities; official government proclamations and joint activities with allies agencies and professional health Associations.

On this page all European associations can put information about their national WOD 2015 activities. Send your contribution to the EOA Webmaster.

Keep your eyes open for more details of World Ostomy Day 2015.
Recently there is more information on the special WOD 2015 IOA webpage.

WOD 2015 Coordinator: Ken Aukett, OAA special WOD 2015.

The Coloplast Merit Award 2015

Coloplast supports World Ostomy Day (WOD) by awarding the member associations of the International Ostomy Association (IOA) that share their best stories from the past year about enabling people with stomas to live their life as they wish to. The Coloplast Merit Award’s fundamental aim is to encourage the spread of enterprising initiatives of national ostomy associations to member associations around the globe.

Click for more information on the link below.

Coloplast – Many Stories, One Voice

Coloplast – Video

Click on the picture below to see the video message from Dr Harikesh Buch
about World Ostomy Day 2015.

Bosnia and Herzegovina report

This report is about Nadja Turudija, one of the youngest members of our Association.

Nadja was born 3 years ago in Turudija familiy whose members are all healthy, including her baby brother Ogi, 2 years of age, who hasn’t got any medical problems.

Nadja was born with atresio ani. She has been using stoma since her birth and has undergone 7 surgeries so far. She is a beautiful girl, full of life and energy.

On May 27th 2015 inhabitants of PRIJEDOR (city in the Republic of Srpska) organized a humanitarian concert.

In the meantime Nadja was diagnosed with colitis ulcerosa, which represents a unique case in the group of children with the same medical issues.

While at the hospital she got infected by clostridium, an infection which is not curable and in many cases lethal.

And yet, our little giant managed to win, being helped by her parents, who have been giving her lots of love, attention and happiness. But for everyday therapies, catheter, diapers, stoma bags and special diets this is not enough.

We, from the Stoma association of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, have decided that all our activities for the current 2015 should be focused on getting the means for Nadja’s hospitalization in Italy and continuation of the necessary chirurgical procedures.

World Stoma day on October 3rd will be dedicated to Nadja. We shall organize humanitarian concerts as well as various programs in the cities of the Republic of Srpska  (Laktasi, Gradiska, Banja Luka).

Dragan Trivun


“Vielen Schicksalen eine Stimme geben”

This is the somewhat free translation of the international motto of the 8th World Ostomy Day, “Many stories, one voice”. Activities all around the world make every world ostomy day 2015 an event for ostomates, their relatives, doctors, stromatherapists and other caregivers.

Even today for many people the fate of obtaining an artificial anus – an ostomy – is associated with dread, anxiety and shame. In order to set something against this taboo, from 3rd October on the national self-help organisation Deutsche ILCO will literally give ostomates a voice:
On the website www.weltstomatag.de ostomates and their relatives living in Germany will speak about their lives and experiences. These people are trustworthy witnesses for the joy of living in spite of and with an ostomy – and they thus oppose ignorance, prejudices and the taboo “ostomy”.

First there will be eight little life stories to be listened to and also to be read. Until December there will be a new story every fortnight. We are sure that these authentic reports can be of enormous help to people facing an ostomy.

In addition to this project of the Deutsche ILCO there will be a postcard campaign. At the front, the postcard shows information and terms concerning the world ostomy day, such as the motto, logos, the QR code and link to the website. At the back, the motto “Vielen Schicksalen eine Stimme geben” will be addressed again: ostomates and their relatives can write, what the Deutsche ILCO should raise its voice for, for what it should campaign. The postcard will be distributed all over Germany: directly to ostomates, but also at events and doctors’ surgeries, in hospitals and to health insurances, pharmacies, medical stores, cancer counselling centres, self-help contact points, city councils etc. We hope to receive lots of feedback – also from those affected who are not ILCO members. Further goals are to make many people aware of the topic ostomy, to contribute to a factual and credible enlightenment and, of course, to make the Deutsche ILCO better known.

As an independent self-help organization, the Deutsche ILCO combines many voices of the ostomates in Germany and represents the interests of the people affected in panels of the health and the social systems. In our country, the situation of ostomates is good. Nonetheless, deficiencies are also revealed here, which lead to gaps in the care and thus to disadvantages for ostomates. Ostomates, who besides the ostomy have other physical or also mental restrictions but are not entitled to a care level, and who thus are not capable of temporarily or permanently performing the care of the ostomy themselves, still have to cover the costs for the additionally required help with the management of the ostomy or dispense with an appropriate care altogether. The Deutsche ILCO considers this inacceptable, as this creates two classes of ostomates: those with good and those with bad care. This is unworthy of a highly civilised country. There is urgent need for regulation here. The Deutsche ILCO demands to close this gap in the care as quickly as possible so that ostomates with additional handicaps in Germany are no longer disadvantaged.

With around 8,000 members, the ILCO is one of the large German health-related self-help oganisations. It supports more than 20,000 people affected per year with help and advice.

Czech Republic

WOD 2015 – Czech ILCO

Part 1

On 3rd of October this year  we’ll celebrate World Ostomy Day (WOD) 2015.
Members of the Czech ILCO decided  to remind it during the whole year in all Czech ostomy associations. To fulfill this year’s motto “Many stories, one voice” we use the book Long live ostomates, which contains 22 stories of ostomy patients from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We are also proud of  the first ostomy calendar with photos of ostomates at the age of 5 to 50, issued by LIPOELASTIC company. The idea for the calendar was created on Facebook in a closed ostomy group, led by ostomist Verka from Brno and with a help of enterotherapist Zuzana Kurková. Already at the end of the year 2014 we had prepared a promotional leaflet for the World Ostomy  Day  with all the mottos and we explained why it is important to announce it.

This leaflet was given to representatives of all Czech ostomy associations, and we spread it at the events we participate in. All our member association also received this leaflet in a form of A3 poster.

Head of  ILCO Novojicínska devised a social game called Ostomates, be brave!
The rules include many interesting observations that will be appreciated only by those who live with a stoma.

World Day we commemorate at many  professional conferences, which our representatives attend – Onco Prague in January, in February the League Against Cancer conference,  Brno Oncology Days in April or European Days of colorectal cancer in May. We have informed the students of Nurses Academy who came to our Information Centre for ostomates to learn more about living with an ostomy. I also informed 27 nurses in Cheb about WOD  in a seminary accredited by Czech Nurses Association and organized by the Czech ILCO.

On 23 April 2015 Czech ILCO had a stand at the biggest fair of NGOs in Europe (NGO Market 2015) organized by the Forum 2000, an organization founded by President Vaclav Havel. More than 150 organizations participated at this fair. At the Czech ILCO stand we spoke to more than 170 visitors, we gave them a leaflet on WOD and informed them about screening programs – especially the prevention of colorectal cancer. Almost everyone with whom we spoke, was grateful for the information and wished us health and happiness.

14 January 2015, a Czech actor and a member of the Czech ILCO, Boris Hybner together with Marie Redinová organized the event for the residents of  Zvole village called Troubles of cheerful clown´s life. They informed about  life with an ostomy  and  presented the book Long live ostomates.

8. June. day we organised a lecture called Meaning of WOD for our members.

Our association ILCO Tábor organized on 16 June 2015 a trip to Trebon and to lake Svet (Svet means World in English). The trip was called A Trip around the World.

Another our association Prerov Ostomy Club  reminded  the WOD in the mountains near the town of Jesenik on the same day. They celebrated profusely, after the lectures have played the game Ostomates, be brave !,  they danced, sang, rejoiced.

Another our association CHEB ILCO informed about WOD in Cheb on 26 June at an event organized by  Public Health College and called Path to the Health.
Other unions are planning a celebration later.

Czech ILCO declared  a contest regarding WOD, the conditions are published on the website www.ILCO.cz.

We informed of WOD 2015:

  1. Proceedings of the International Conference Letovice Care 2015
  2. Proceedings  of Brno oncology days in 2015
  3. Newsletter 1/2015 League Against Cancer
  4. ILCO Newsletter 1/2015
  5. Helios May 2015, No. 12 – a magazine for ostomates published by Coloplast
    Radim 1 / 2015 – magazine for ostomates published by ConvaTec
  6. Novinky.cz – Actor Boris Hybner and prof. Pavel Pafko christened the book for patients with stoma on January 30, 2015
  7. President of the Czech ILCO Marie Redinová talked about life with an ostomy and WOD on March 17, 2015 on Radio Pilsen.
  8. The same program was also on Radio Hradec Králové April 13, 2015. Both reports attracted listeners who called into studio.
  9. Vicepresident of Czech ILCO Pavel Kreml  mentioned WOD in his lecture for Social Academy  in Ostrava 12.2. 2015. Pavel Kreml also mentioned WOD and its history in his lecture at Aeskulap Akademie and Surgical branches department CAS on 19. – 20.6. 2015.
  10. 23.5.2015 Three ostomy clubs from northern Moravia have organized a trip to Valašsko with local traditions.
  11. 24. – 26.6.2015 three days trip to Southern Moravia and to Vienna . We mentioned WOD and we enjoy being together.

Marie Redinová
President of Czech ILCO

Czech Republic

WOD 2015 – Czech ILCO

Part 2

Prague, 30 September 2015

Life with an ostomy is no longer taboo!

Life with an illness is never easy. Some diseases bring particular social and mental strain, so that we even tend to deny their existence. Until recently, this also applied to ostomates, i.e. patients with a permanent ostomy due to an illness of the digestive or excretory systems.

Since the level of care for ostomates, and particularly the prevention of ostomy diseases, depends to a considerable extent on the level of education, the Czech ILCO (association of ostomy patients), together with STEM/MARK, carried out a survey focused on this subject on the occasion of World Ostomy Day. The survey has shown that only one eighth of the internet population (age category 15-59) can imagine life with an ostomy (more often 45 to 59-year-olds and people with higher education).

Only two fifths of respondents stated they had enough information on the prevention of diseases of the intestines. Most often they were women, 45 to 59-year-old, university graduates, or people living in cities with over 20,000 inhabitants. On the other hand, 54 % of respondents stated that their information on the prevention of ostomy diseases was not sufficient (usually people with the lowest level of education and inhabitants of the smallest municipalities). 6 % of respondents were not interested in the subject at all. “There is a huge potential for promoting prevention here,”says Marie Ředinová, the Czech ILCO Chairwoman. “In 2014, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic started a campaign of targeted invitations to screening programmes, one of which focuses on the prevention of intestinal cancer. Health insurance companies send invitations to routine check-ups to people born in selected years. I would recommend everybody to take such an invitation seriously and to take interest in the prevention of diseases affecting not only the breasts but also the intestines. The League Against Cancer offers great projects for promoting the prevention of these diseases, such as a travelling exhibition emphasising, in a humorous way, the importance of prevention,”adds Marie Ředinová.

According to Barbora Večerková of STEM/MARK, only 60 % of the population would go to their doctors if they started suffering from a long-term change in their excretion habits (such as increased/decreased frequency). Women and 45 to 59-year-olds are more responsible in this respect. “I was delighted by this number. It is much higher than I expected,”says Marie ?edinová of the Czech ILCO. “People hide their problems of excretion both from their doctors and their families, fooling themselves that it is nothing serious, that it will eventually pass. And although they often don’t believe it, their fear of hearing a serious diagnosis discourages them from seeing their doctor. But problems should be dealt with in time, without prejudice and shyness.”

As many as 40% of respondents in the survey admit that it is, or would be, unpleasant for them to talk to their doctor about excretion, faeces, and intestines. The shyest people are those under 29; on the other hand, the least shy are 45 to 59-year-olds. “Everybody should realise that neither intestine nor intestinal content are obscene terms,”adds Marie Ředinová.
Almost 60 % of respondents (particularly women, 45 to 59-year-olds, and university graduates) know that cancer may be among the reasons for creating an ostomy.

Only one quarter of respondents know somebody with a colostomy or ureterostomy. Older people (45 to 59-year-olds) know more ostomates, naturally. “The public is already aware of ostomates, which is a positive thing,”says Marie Ředinová. “I was surprised to learn that as many as one eighth of respondents can imagine life with an ostomy. If this was the answer from people who know an ostomate personally, it is clear they realise that life with an ostomy is possible, even of a reasonable quality. If this was the answer from those who don’t know any ostomate personally, I would think they don’t have a full idea of what an ostomate feels like. The beginnings of life with an ostomy are mentally rather difficult, but they can be coped with. The primary goal is to manage the disease itself. Then it is necessary for every ostomate to be provided with a suitable, individually selected aid compensating for their disability in the best possible way and to handle it properly. Finally, the ostomate must come to terms mentally with the new way of excreting, which is not easy, either. Here, ILCO volunteers can be a great help.”

There are over 10,000 people with a colostomy living in the Czech Republic and several hundreds of thousands worldwide. The International Ostomy Association organises the World Ostomy Day every three years to support ostomates and draw attention to their needs. This year the event will take place on 3 November.

The subject of ostomates and the prevention of diseases of the intestines was dealt with by STEM/MARK in cooperation with ILCO. 510 people, representing the internet population of those between 15 and 59 years of age, participated in the survey. The field stage of the survey was carried out from 14 to 17 September 2015.



Stómasamtök Íslands Isilco

The board of Isilco started early this year to think about things to do on WOD.  Many ideas were considered but in the end we decided on two things.

First, we decided to check on the attitude of the Icelandic nation towards ostomates and their use of public swimmingpools.  With the help of Gallup, an international company working at gaining information on public opinion on almost everything, we asked three questions in their “question wagon”, a questionarie that is sent out once a week or every two weeks to seek the opinion of those that have agreed to provide answers.

This is done by email, both questions and answer, and often provide very good results on how the public thinks on many matters. The outcome of these three questions was very positive towards ostomates. About 80% of the population of Iceland is positive towards ostomates and their use of public swimmingpools. We tend to generalize this to include also the use of all health clubs and gymnasiums. The answers to the questions show that the higher the income of people and the higher the education then there is more positiveness. But they also show that people with less income and less education tend to be less positive. That is something we of EOA have to work on all over our area. This was our “many stories”. To read the complete results of this questionairy click Gallup Report. To read this document, you need ADOBE READER.

The second thing we did was to make an advertisement in one of our newspapers to remind us all that ostomates are like other people and that it is safe for them to use public swimmingpools without endangering other peoples health or the environment.

That is our “one voice”. See below. Both these works of Isilco are on display here on the EOA website.  Please have a look and see if you like it. And in the afternoon of October first we have a party.

Best wishes from Iceland.
On behalf of Isilco
Jón Thorkelsson.
Stómasamtök Íslands.
Stofnuð 16. október 1980.
www.stoma.is,  stoma@stoma.is



Dutch Ostomy Association


Dutch Ostomy Association shares experiences for World Ostomy Day

‘My ostomy feels like a second heart. I’m still alive’ #myostomy

Still alive thanks to their ostomy or no longer experiencing terrible pains. These are the main themes of the many experiences the Dutch Ostomy Association received in answer to it’s call to send in experiences for World Ostomy Day (WOD) on 3 October. Throughout the world campaigns are being held for the ostomy on WOD. In the week leading up to WOD the Dutch Ostomy Association has shared on a daily basis the many experiences of ostomates. Ordinary people, just like you and I.

The theme of WOD is Many stories, one voice. The Dutch Ostomy Association called ostomates to tell about the impact of the ostomy on their life. The association received more than 70 experiences, short stories, long ones, films and photos. All the experiences showed strong people, who, thanks to their ostomy, are still alive after hearing they had cancer or people who are finally rid of the pain due to their inflammatory bowel disease or other illness. There were also sad or touching contributions. Because having an ostomy sometimes also causes shame or hidden sadness.

Joke: ‘My ostomy feels like a second heart. I’m still alive’

Gilbert: ‘I became so isolated due to my incontinence. The choice for an ostomy was the best decision ever!’

Ben: ‘I thought I would never come to terms with my ostomy. But I now take care of it myself and have come to accept it’.

The result is a collection of beautiful people of all ages, who all have something in common: their ostomy. A selection of the experiences has been shared via social media with #myostomy. All the experiences can be viewed on the website of the Dutch Ostomy Association.



Romanian Ostomy Association

Dear friends,

I wish you all a very nice WOD and much health for you and your friends and colleagues.  On this important day for all of us, WOD, I join your voices with stories and news about Romanian ostomates. We try to make our voice stronger by organizing two events. The first one was last Sunday and the next one will be held within two weeks. On 27th of September  I organized a trip up to the mountains with a team of patients and doctors, in Cheile Gradistei Resort – Moeciu de Sus, Brasov Country.

We took advantage of the 7th Annual Symposium on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 24th – 26th September,  organized by the Romanian Crohn’s and Colitis Club (RCCC) that gathered the all gastroenterologists from all over the country and invited some of them to join our project, on 27th, in order to raise the awareness about the ostomates and the diseases that cause a stoma construction. We all know how much important it is the counseling and support before the surgical intervention, how important is a strong cooperation between patients and doctors, either surgeons, oncologists and gastroenterologists. So we wanted to emphasize the importance of working as a team, as well as the alpinists are doing during their fight to conquer the highest peaks, helping each other and being bound together with ropes.

Despite of a heavy rain and a foggy day, our group hike made a 13 km length trip in Bucegi mountains, almost 5 hours. None of us gave up and we all reached the final and proved that ostomates and people with chronic diseases can be strong enough to fight with the obstacles or to form a stronger voice.

When we planned this meeting at this legendary location, near Bran Castle, at the foot of Carpathian mountains, in the middle of the country, we were mostly thinking to facilitate the participation of Romanian attendees from different places of the country, to support our initiative aiming to prove that people with stoma and IBD can control their disease, leave normal lives and even conquer the highest peaks. Last but not least we wanted to fill all our lungs with clean, cool mountain air, experience the local energy and enjoy the beautiful colors of the fall in the mountains.

The second event we planned to include in the WOD celebration will take place to the Parliament House , Bucharest , during the National Surgery Conference and the 5th National Congress of Coloproctology, 14th – 17th  of October, the more so the main theme of the Congress will be about the colon cancer and stoma. We planned to be active in this event and to let our voice to be heard.

Isabella Grosu




Finnilco celebrates World Ostomy Day (WOD)

Finnilco works for wellbeing of ostomates, and those with related surgeries and patients with anal incontinence in Finland. Finnilco has more than 3000 members in 18 local chapters and 2 nationwide organisations.

The WOD theme ”Many stories, one voice” appears in World Ostomy Day photo exhibition, organized by Finnilco. One of our members, super talented photographer Anna Jarske, has photographed people with stoma or j-pouch. The idea is to show two pictures of everyone – with and without a visible stoma bag. Attendees see anyone can have a stoma, your neighbour, or your colleague. Each photograph carries a touching message written by the very person in the photo. Bottom line, being an ostomate does not prevent enjoying life.

Furthermore, Finnilco pays respect to 50 years old ILCO Sweden, and the award-winning cookbook ”People with other exits”. Finnilco is delighted of the co-operation and happily presents four wonderful photos by Athina Strataki in the same exhibition.

The main event will be held in Helsinki on 3rd October. Lectures and an exhibition of stoma articles are being organized along with the photo exhibition. Stoma nurse Janne Kukk from Estilco is one of the speakers in the event. Finnilco’s local chapters organize several events as well, such as lectures, group exercise and other kind of gatherings. The main purpose of all activities is to raise awareness of stomas and j-pouches, and to focus on the positive attitude.

Photos are from the exhibition Monta tarinaa, yksi ääni (Many stories, one voice) by Anna Jarske



WOD 2015 FAIS Italy

The World Day of Ostomy organised by the FAIS non profit organisation takes place on October 10 in Milan. The venue is very prestigious: EXPO 2015 – Feeding the Planet.

The topic is nutrition and lifestyles that can improve the quality of life of people suffering from ostomy. The slogan “Many stories, one voice” will be the theme of the day: patients will tell their own life experiences, while professionals will be called upon to make an important contribution to overcome many issues that unite ostomy patients. The programme of the day consists of two sessions: The first dedicated to the testimonies of patients through their personal stories focused on their lifestyle. The second session also involves doctors and scholars who will, together with the patient, go into the merits of the stories to find common solutions that can be of help to other patients.

It will be a party to which everyone is invited! Many member associations  of the FAIS non profit organisation will actively participate by presenting their projects in support of those affected by ostomy. For the occasion the Italian Post will also issue a special postmark.



Swedish ILCO celebrate World Ostomy Day

Saturday 3rd of October Swedish ILCO celebrate World Ostomy Day in Malmö, a town in the south part of Sweden.

We were nearly two hundred people, both members and extern people. During the day we had different lectures of professionals from the hospitals for example a sexologist. The stoma therapist have a lesson about how they take care of new ostomates.

Last of the day and the best, was when our conferansier made an interview of a girl how had made a hard and long journey of a colon cancer.

Today she lives with two ostomies, because of the doctors mistake. It were very interesting to listen to her story, she have wrote a book of her experience called “Livets sköra tråd”.

After the interesting day everyone have to change for the evening party and celebration of Swedish ILCOs 50 years as an association.

We start with a nice dinner and between the meals we show some movies what have happened during ILCOs 50 year. The movies were from our different activities, for example the children and youngster camp, we get many big laugh.

All the speech we heard, thanks ILCO for the work and changes they have done for their members, both in Sweden and together with the other Nordic countries. The association get many wishes for additional 50 lucky year.

Thanks to everyone how made 3rd of October 2015 as an excellent day.

Marie Steen, Vice President

Moscow, Russia

World Ostomy Day Celebrations in Russia

The World Ostomy Day is celebrated every third year. This year international community of Ostomates will celebrate it on 3 October 2015 and the theme will be: “Many stories, one voice”. It is a day of celebration for those who have had ostomy surgery, their friends, family and caregivers.

There are over 120,000 Ostomates living in Russia and over 40,000 new ostomies are formed every year.

In Russia this year the World Ostomy Day was celebrated twice: on the 29th of September in Krasnodar and on the 1st of October in Rostov on Don (both cities are in the south of Russia). These events took place on the initiative of the National Association of Patients with Excretion System Dysfunction (ASTOM) and with the support of producing companies Coloplast and ConvaTec.

The aim of World Ostomy Day is to improve standards of surgery, medical attention , post-op care and rehabilitation of Ostomates and raise their quality of life, provide every ostomate access to modern high quality ostomy appliances and accessories, as well as to attract the attention of the state, healthcare professionals and community to the essential needs and problems of people with ostomies and their families.

During Ostomy days hundreds of people with ostomies, representatives from regional Ostomy Patients’ Association from Rostov on Don, Perm, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar, Armavir, caregivers and other guests took part in the each of the celebrations. The atmosphere was friendly and festive.
Officials from the state structures, such as the Ministry of Healthcare and the Ministry of Social protection, Social Insurance Fund, healthcare authorities, prominent medical professionals participated in the conferences.

State officials informed the participants of the conference of the state of medical and social rehabilitation service in Russia and how the existing problems are being solved, answered numerous questions related to local supply of ostomy care products and reimbursement.

Healthcare professionals talked about medical aspects of rehabilitation, quality of medical care, and rehabilitation services provided to ostomates at hospitals and after discharge, gave valuable advice on prevention of ostomy complications and importance of regular follow-up and check-ups of ostomates and answered questions of ostomates.

Ostomy supply manufacturers displayed their innovative products and informed of the services and support programs for people with ostomies.
Representative of local Ostomates’ Associations updated the audience of their activities, problems they have to solve and help and assistance they provide for ostomates and their families.

President of the ASTOM V. Sukhanov focused the audience’s attention of the necessity of the development of complex rehabilitation for ostomates that should start at the moment of diagnosing and continues throughout life with ostomy. He pointed out drawbacks in the existing rehabilitation system and legal regulations related to medical and social services for ostomates. V. Sukhanov highlighted that success and quality of rehabilitation depends on cooperation of all links of the rehabilitation process: healthcare professionals, medical and social experts, social insurance authorities, suppliers and producers of ostomy care products.

Each participant of these conferences received presents from ASTOM as well as from ostomy supply manufacturers. There was also a lottery organised and sponsored by a specialized medical shop for ostomates Astommed and the lucky ones won useful prizes such as tonometers, glucometers and thermometers.

Celebrations were closed with the concert.

These events inspire, motivate and spotlight the active and rewarding life made possible through living with an ostomy.

Best wishes,

Viacheslav Sukhanov, president ASTOM

Click here for a full report including many pictures.


Serbian Ostomy Association participated in worldwide celebration of the “World ostomy day” on October 3rd 2015 in the centre of Belgrade trying to raise awareness regarding ostomy. Many participants helped the Association in celebrating our day: musicians, folk group, surgeons, ostomy patients, journalists. We managed to bring our lives, challenges and victories to all the interested. Today in Serbia there are about 5000 ostomy patients.


World Ostomy Day 2015 – Serbia (video 1)

World Ostomy Day 2015 – Serbia (video 2)


United Kingdom

IA Member Organisations

World Ostomy Day 2015: 3 October 2015

Many Stories, One Voice

West Hants, Wilts & Dorset IA

On World Ostomy Day eight committee members of West Hants Wilts and Dorset IA, aged between 49-83, flew down the Pier Zip wire, Bournemouth, raising over £435 for IA.

WHWD IA decided on the zip wire for a number of reasons…

  • to show anyone about to face surgery that life is for living and having a bag does not curtail your enjoyment of life
  • to raise awareness that IA has been giving support from patient to patient for 60 years
  • to raise funds for research into all aspects of bowel diseases and surgery that result in the formation of a stoma.

As you can see from the cover, they had a great time ‘flying on the wire’ and certainly showed that living with an ileostomy shouldn’t hold you back.

Here are some of their personal stories…

Caroline Morris: I have had an ileostomy for 22 years as a result of having Crohn’s disease in my 20s, which nearly took my life. Since my life changing op I have lived life to the full, proving nothing can stop me! I have continued with my swimming & fitness & I’ve also taken on new challenges like kayaking & Canadian canoeing along the way. This Year I also took part in the Race for Life – running quicker than I ever thought possible for me & dragon boat racing for charity.

My greatest achievement by far since having surgery was having two normal pregnancies which resulted in the healthy births of 2 lovely sons who are now 19 & 12 years old. As I approach my 50th birthday this year, I am pleased to take on another new challenge of the Pier Zip wire on World Ostomy Day – celebrating life does go on after surgery.

Colin Clare: When I developed ulcerative colitis in my mid-twenties, my weight went down to 7 stones within weeks. An ileostomy was my only option. I was daunted by the prospect but encouraged that it provided an instant cure. In those days, the recovery process took several weeks, including a spell in a convalescent home. For my first meal there, they gave me rhubarb – RHUBARB!! Soon after my op, I married Eileen. We have since had three sons. At work, I travelled extensively to carry out trials – in Europe, Australia and the USA (including ones in submarines underwater).

I am retired so life is pretty sedentary – not! I run three web sites, record talking newspapers for the blind, am involved in several charities (including IA) and professional organisations and church activities. Each week, I try to take two long walks and swim 2km. I am involved in amateur dramatics and like taking holidays abroad. So has having a stoma stopped me from taking part in anything? I’ll let you know when I find one.

Jenny Pipe: My new life began in September 2004 when, after 10 years of ulcerative colitis (UC), my useless colon was removed and a permanent ileostomy was formed. I haven’t looked back. The ten years with UC had meant that my children could only go on outings with me if I could see the door of a toilet. I was always asking them to keep an eye out for the next possible stopping place on long journeys and scouring airports for the nearest facility at all times. They hadn’t realised how curtailed life had been until I started living it again properly, post op.

Now, I can go sailing, long snorkeling sessions in the sea, walking across the Purbecks, and more carefree travelling all over the world – I even swam with turtles off the coast of Australia last year. They started to give me adventurous experiences as birthday presents which I could actually accept and enjoy so I have done white water rafting, zorbing, rally car driving and so on. I am so glad to be able to take the Pier Zip challenge to show patients who are just coming to terms with their stomas that anything you want to do is possible – just go for it!

Leicestershire IA
To celebrate World Ostomy Day and raise awareness in their local area, Leicestershire IA, armed with collection buckets, stood outside a local superstore in Fosse Park, Leicester. From the generosity of passer’s by, they raised £219.13 on the day with one of their members collecting some money at her workplace making the total up to £250.

Highland IA
Committee members from Highland IA, North of Scotland IA, Fife IA, East of Scotland IA and West & Central Scotland IA gathered at Jury’s Inn, Aberdeen in the afternoon to discuss the present, past and future of IA.

Birmingham IA
Birmingham IA held a fundraising event to celebrate World Ostomy Day. They had an Art Exhibition and sale of knitwear, bric-a-brac, and plants, all contributed by our members and friends. Mr. Jay Jina, who travels extensively worldwide, gave a slide presentation of the photographs he had taken of the wildlife and birds he had seen on his travels. This was followed by presentations by the trustees of the Charities for whom they were raising funds – The Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia, and the Romanian Ostomy Patients Support Foundation. To follow is a poem written by Beryl Edmonds, the wife a member of Birmingham IA, which really says it all!

This is the day the world comes together
For all the ostomy birds of a feather!
Sharing experiences, the daily grinds
Reviewing tried and tested finds.
Different appliances, different designs
So many variations of all different kinds
Of all the problems that ever exist
Someone, somewhere is able to assist
A problem shared is a problem flown
Reassuring, knowing you’re not on your own
So much goes on behind the scenes
Ostomy comfort is the aim of the schemes
Specialist doctors, surgeons and stoma nurses
Working together, it’s a wonderful service!
Not forgetting those who make each device
And those who give their time, their help and advice
Congratulations on World Ostomy Day
God bless you all, those near, and those far away.