Operation Of The ILCO Slovenia Association

The operation of the ILCO Association of Slovenia is especially important if we want to learn to accept and take into account otherness, to cross borders and obstacles in a different way. Perhaps it will be at first a kind of curiosity that will, through interesting cases other than this, bring us revelation at this time of the coronavirus. We are adopting our guidelines at a time when the Republic of Slovenia is trying to redefine relations in the field of structural reforms (policies in the field of social security, pension system and health care), but the results are not yet clear.

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President Message

Dear friends.

The conference which we are going to have in Garda has been postponed a few times as you all know. As the EOA nominations officer is on the verge of sending out the necessary information about who are running for a place on the EC it is only appropriate to reveal the new date for the conference. Please be prepared for April 6th – 10th of 2022 and let us hope that we don’t need further delays and that we can meet in Garda in Northern Italy and have a very good and joyful conference. I know that our colleagues in FAIS are very much looking forward to hosting a great meeting of us all.

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WOD 2021 – 40 years of ISILCO

We invite you to watch this beautiful video in which people with a stoma share their stories and convince us that the stoma is not an obstacle in life. Sometimes it opens up new opportunities, and sometimes it saves lives. The film was made on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Icelandic ostomy association ISILCO. It is available with English and Polish subtitles.

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