Report Zambia conference 2022

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EOA Project

EOA project I

This project that we are doing by bringing together in workshops in Lusaka and Livingstone ostomates, doctors, nurses and other health care workers and members of the administrative side, is being run for the second time. The first time was in Zimbabwe in 2019.  We are trying to have people talk together, compare their experiences, and try to find solutions for the problems that arise from the needs of ostomates for appliances and health care services.

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Operation Of The ILCO Slovenia Association

The operation of the ILCO Association of Slovenia is especially important if we want to learn to accept and take into account otherness, to cross borders and obstacles in a different way. Perhaps it will be at first a kind of curiosity that will, through interesting cases other than this, bring us revelation at this time of the coronavirus. We are adopting our guidelines at a time when the Republic of Slovenia is trying to redefine relations in the field of structural reforms (policies in the field of social security, pension system and health care), but the results are not yet clear.

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ILCO AUSTRIA – Österreichische ILCO Stoma-Dachverband 2020 – 2021

With the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, work in the self-help groups was abruptly suspended. Communication was increasingly carried out by phone, SMS and other messaging services. Also various webinars were made available. Nevertheless, we managed to keep in touch with all of our regional groups throughout the entire period and to publish our ILCO magazine as usual.

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Online meeting in French

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On October 4th, the French ostomy association “Union Stomisés Grand Sud” is organizing a 5 hours online-meeting for the French speaking countries and people. It begins at 15 o’clock (Central European Summertime CEST – which means 14 o’clock British Summertime BST) and ends with the official closure at 20 o’clock CEST. People related to ostomy affairs and representatives of ostomy associations from Europe, Canada and several African countries are involved as speakers.

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