UOAA WOD Campaign with Gabriela Lavalle

Gabriela Lavalle is a well-known actress and a singer born in Argentine. She is an ostomate since 9 years. As a public person she wants to publish her personal history to raise awareness, to do something against the still lasting taboos and to show that ostomates are able to live an active life (she has also written a book).

World Ostomy Day, Argentina 2018 -The bag or the illness: I’ve already chosen

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60th Anniversary of IA April 2016

During the weekend of 16 – 17 April 2016 IA (the Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group) celebrated their 60th anniversary. I was invited by the executive committee of IA to attend this special meeting in Hinckley, United Kingdom. It was very special for me to be together with more than 200 members of IA.

On Saturday morning 16th April, Professor Neil Mortensen, National President of IA, welcomed everyone to the meeting and the President of the local member organisation, Leicestershire IA, opened the meeting with a warm speech. Looking back – Moving forward was the theme for this national meeting.

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